We offer Free Delivery & Pickup on most hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas. Certain casinos do not allow for us to deliver on their properties e.g. the D in Downtown Las Vegas. Please review our list of approved hotels, casinos, resorts and convention centers.
Yes, it has a key but do not leave your scooter unattended.
You can pick up your scooter usually at the hotel's bell desk area but in some cases the hotel concierge desk. We can also make any necessary arrangements you prefer in regards to location of delivery and pickup.
You should return your scooter where you originaly picked it up. However, if it is inconvenient for you to do so, please give our office a call to arrange a pickup at your convenience.
Yes of course, we are the only Company in Vegas that gives Personalized Service. That means that a person with five years of experience will talk directly to you, and explain everything that you will need to know about the scooter (troubleshooting etc...). This service is available 9am to 5pm, Mondy through Friday.
None if you cancel within 24-hours before the delivery.
There are some factors to consider first:
- Type of Scooter
- Weight of the customer
- How it's driven
You should charge your scooter any time you get a chance or at least every night in your room.
Yes, of course! Simply call us at 702-610-4905 or reserve it online. Its called Go-Go Elite Traveler.
Yes! We even have the heavy-duty full-sized with full capacity up to 350 lbs (Scooter Celebrity X).

1. If you are under 200lb or a little bit more I recommend the 2007 go- go elite traveler ,because this scooter is the # 1 scooter on the market in extra light weight portable class and is easy to maneuver specially inside casinos and conventions where is a lot of people and very crowed and you wont need a lot of room to make it thru.

2. If you are between 200lb and 260 I 'll recommend the 2010 Victory 9 because is the best standard 3 wheel scooter in the market, and it is portable. Good for in and out door used.

3.If you are between 260 and 350 lb I ,ll recommend the 2007 celebrity x this is the best full sized luxury scooter on the market it ,comes with a 19 by 16 inches deluxe foldable molded seat with sliders to increased comfort wraparound handles & future rich luxury product ,plus the max speed of this scooter is 6.0 miles per hour perfect for out door used .in the go-go elite traveler model the speed is 4.25 m/h and in the 2010 Victory 9 is 4.5 m/h